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mosie 20-03-2011 23:03

HELP 2x HD 6990 VMOD

I contact you 'cause I really need you advices
After a real brainstorming to find out a software way , or bios edition, to increase 6990 GPU voltage by using RBE. i realised
this soft didn't allow voltage edition on 6xxx Radeon.

Futhermore, afterburner or other softs will certainly not manage Voltmod on 6990.

That's why i decide to use Hard Vmod.

You seems to have found out a way to Hard Vmod hi graphic card:

i'd need your advices in order to know if this Vmod would be usable Round the clock.
i mailed the guy and waiting for futher informations about it.

Maybe d'you have another Vmod proposal ? :)

more info:

My config:

If you need further informations concerning my Hardware, i'd be pleased to answer. :)


Need you ASUS 1.175 bios for more test ...
If you can upload this in teckpowerup ...

THANKS for your help

poparamiro 20-03-2011 23:12

First of all, Welcome :)

I do not use hard Vmod on 6990 because i have very limited time to test the card.

Anyway, if 1.35v GPU (more than 1.35v in load) is enough for you, do this:

1 - write the cards with Asus 6990 bios

2 - install smart doctor (from official download page of Asus 6990), and you will have voltage control

I do not have the card now, but i think my colleagues can send you the Asus bioses, if they still have 6990.

Micutzu 20-03-2011 23:14

Hello and welcome to our forums ! I have moved this thread to the english section of the forums, it is more appropriate; i am sure Ramiro will have some tips for you, but i can tell you right now, those wires are there only for VGPU monitoring.

mosie 21-03-2011 02:27

OK Micutzu thx

Thanks for your answer.

WOW ok I have imagin with use just smart doc with ASUS bios.

but WHAT this is cable conected at the card ???

Very need find asus bios.

I have test the smart doc in my 5970's before flashing bios but lots BUG with soft.
1.65V automaticaly set ....
I preafer edit bios but in 6xxx its not possible.

THX for your help.

poparamiro 21-03-2011 13:23

Wires are, as Micutzu mentioned, for vGPU monitoring during VRM test.

mosie 21-03-2011 15:31

You have the same problem with GPUZ can t see VGPU for all GPU ?

Moded a sample its fun héhé

poparamiro 21-03-2011 15:36

I have to monitor Vgpu for stability test, what gpu-z show is not important to me, the digital MM is the way to go, as you probably know.

mosie 21-03-2011 17:02

yep U have true.

Your control mod work for two VGPU ?

Very need to find ASUS bios.

Iubitel 21-03-2011 17:24

U do not need the asux bios,just modify afterburner so that will allow you to go past 1.3V,just check the web for instructions,it's plain simple actually.

- Open Cfg sys of Afterbuner, fine the line " enableunofficialoverclockng" set = 1

- Open MSI Aferburner > settings > check " allow voltage control " and " apply to all GPU same settings ".

You also need to add the bold text to the new EULA line above unofficial overclocking.


I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI will not provide me any support on it

Just like that ;)

mosie 21-03-2011 20:16

I know this and its already make.

But not work.

Its strange but actualy 2.1 beta 7 not work fine with 2X 6990 in CF ( just one GPU monitoring) and no set voltage possible.

Just ATI gpu 2 (*the master display gpu and 9800gtx gpu can be monitoring).

Iubitel 21-03-2011 20:24

Well try with 2.1 final version,not beta7,beta 7 sucked with my 6970 too....

mosie 21-03-2011 20:47

already try and test in 2 diferant systems.

matose 21-03-2011 20:51

It doesn't work with Afterburner, I'll post the ASUS BIOS here in 1-2 hours ;)

mosie 21-03-2011 20:52


THX matose

mosie 22-03-2011 00:30

where you have upload this ?

Iubitel 22-03-2011 00:38

Just edit yours,open it with RBE,change manufacturer (default is ati) to ASUS and you're done.

mosie 22-03-2011 01:41

arf, already tested but all modification with RBE = BSOD

Read my post:

THX for your help.

Wait just ASUS bios, and KOOLANCE block, héhé

mosie 22-03-2011 14:45

Asus bios, directly from taiwan by a contact.

You have use what verssion of smartdoc ?

The V 5.59 not detect adaptater.

mosie 23-03-2011 19:12

Its strange but I ahve strange problem with this asus bios.
Sise its strange and lots litle strange bug.

matose I wait your bios.

mosie 24-03-2011 22:08

I m alone ? erf

The verssion of smart doc is spécificaly for 6990 .

And this verssion can t be found in the NET.

Need the smart doc in the ASUS 6990 box

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