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Procesoare si chipseturi CPU, MCP, MCH, ICH, IOH, etc

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@kobro: E o diferenta destul de mare intre

1. "fake news" unde informatia trebuie verificata din mai multe surse sa te asiguri ca e veridica


2. a te folosi in scop malitios de informatii reale dar compromitatoare la adresa cuiva doar pentru un profit rapid in portofel sau celebritate Campania derulata de Viceroy si CTS Labs reprezinta al doilea scenariu.

Comunicatele si interviurile recente le aveti aici:

CTS Labs Responds to Allegations of Bad Faith Over AMD CPU Security Disclosures, Digs Itself a Deeper Hole

Our Interesting Call with CTS-Labs

IC: Say, for example, CTS-Labs were in charge of finding Meltdown and Spectre, you would have also followed the same path of logic?

YLZ: I think that it would have depended on the circumstances of how we found it, how exploitable it was, how reproducible it was. I am not sure it would be the case. Every situation I think is specific.
"Hurr durr cand e o vulnerabilitate grava publicul trebuie sa stie inainte chiar daca producatorul n-are timp sa evalueze situatia."
"Ok, ati prezentat aceste vulnerabilitati ca fiind de talia Spectre/Meltdown. Cum ati fi reactionat in acel caz?"
"Ah, pai atunci am fi actionat responsabil si am fi anuntat producatorul cu cateva luni inainte ca sa fie totul gata cand apare comunicatul public"

IC: We noticed that when the information went live, some press were ready to go with relevant stories and must have had the information in advance.

ILO: Before our announcement you mean?

IC: Correct.

ILO: I would have to check the timing on that and get back to you, I do not know off the top of my head.

DK: I think the biggest question that I still have is that ultimately who originated this request for analysis – who was the customer that kicked this all off?

ILO: I definitely am not going to comment on our customers.

DK: What about the flavor of customer: is it a semiconductor company, is it someone in the industry, or is it someone outside the industry? I don’t expect you to disclose the name but the genre seems quite reasonable.

ILO: Guys I’m sorry we’re really going to need to jump off this call but feel free to follow up with any more questions.
"Hey, puteti sa ne explicati de ce anumite publicatii au avut un comunicat economic alarmant concomitent cu publicarea vulnerabilitatilor, de parca le-ati fi dat pe sub mana acest raport in prealabil?"
"Hopa! Mi-am amintit ca am lasat oala pe aragazul pornit. Trebuie sa incheiem aceasta discutie. Luv u, buh-bye!"
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PC-ul meu


Jigodii, acum sa vedem exact cum sunt aceste vulnerabilitati reproductibile in lumea reala, nu intr-un laborator.
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