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mbc 15-01-2017 00:08

Nici un 1070 mare nu e dead silent, cum pana mea sa fie dead silent un 1070 mic? Dai un link sa vedem?

mbc 15-01-2017 00:14

e mini, scrap that, asta nu e problematica.

Am crezut ca e ceva de genul asta care e foarte zgomotoasa in viata reala chiar si cand nu te joci. E un fail.

Boggy 15-01-2017 00:14

Ce-a pus mai sus mascotzel, despre asta vorbeam.


Originally Posted by mascotzel (Post 517171)


Boost clock on Stock 1835MHz

Temperature on Idle 31C
Temperature on Load 67C

The card was OCed to +350MHz on Core clock and +500MHz on Memory clock with 50% voltage boost. Max boost clock was 2050MHz.

Boost clock with OC 2050 MHz
Temperature on Idle 41C
Temperature on Load 71C



During my complete testing, fans were run on default settings. I did not change the fan curve to bring the temps down as temps above are still very good for this card. As no sound recording equipment was available at the time of testing, the sound level could not be checked. But, still from my personal experience, fans were dead silent even under load which shows the power of Icestorm cooler.

L.E. Nu vad poza atasata de tine, dar cu siguranta nu la aia ma refeream. Ziceam de Zotac Mini cea de mai sus.

mbc 15-01-2017 00:16

My bad. Doar ca am avut o experienta foarte neplacuta cu un 970 cu un singur ventilator si pe aia o chema Mini. Vad ca "mini"-ul nou are 2 venturi. All good.

Bennedict 15-01-2017 20:28

GeForce Hot Fix driver version 376.60 | NVIDIA

This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 376.60 that addresses the following:

Battlefield 1 crash on some Kepler based GPUs
Dark puddles in Battlefield 1
Random black screen in DOTA 2

EDIT: @Firefox My bad ca n-am dat scroll mai jos :(

Firefox 23-01-2017 00:58

3 Attachment(s)
COLORFUL iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited GPU Revealed - Eteknix

mascotzel 24-01-2017 02:25

Zotac GTX 1060 AMP! Review (@Conseil-Config)

Jocker 24-01-2017 14:29

NVIDIA Volta Allegedly Launching In 2017 On 12nm FinFET Technology

Chiar sunt curios daca se adevereste deoarece nu vad motivul decat daca Vega ar fi mai bun decat se asteptau.

Firefox 24-01-2017 20:40

GeForce 378.49 WHQL driver

Fab 24-01-2017 23:22

Ultimul driver scos de nVidia are opțiune noua în 3d settings care pare a fi exclusiv pentru Maxwell:

La mine pe 1080 nu este.

Firefox 25-01-2017 13:48

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 QuickSilver 8G Review - Tweaktown

Firefox 26-01-2017 00:40

4 Attachment(s)
GALAX Releases Low-Profile GTX 1050/1050Ti Graphics Cards - Vortez

R2Strike 30-01-2017 12:28

Jocker 01-02-2017 11:07

1 Attachment(s)
Aveti o clasificare a placilor video uzuale in functie de performanta si pret.

cristi_io 01-02-2017 13:00

Din acel grafic 480 4GB arata cel mai bine ca pret/performanta.

rodarkone 01-02-2017 15:57

Sincer eu nu cred in grafice de genul celor de mai sus, exista atat de multe variabile in joc incat e foarte greu sa pui pe hartie (sau in cazul nostru, pe un grafic) cum evolueaza performanta, diferente de drivere, diferente de aplicatii ... e foarte compex de analizat, time consuming si fara prea multa valoare, fara o baza de date cu foarte multe configuratii diferite, cu diferite procesoare, driveri, sisteme operare .. etc.

Sa nu mai zic ca exista diferente intre producatori care folosesc aceelasi chip insa lanseaza diferite modele de placi grafice.

Firefox 01-02-2017 15:57

PNY GTX 1070 XLR8 OC 8GB Review - Kitguru

Firefox 01-02-2017 20:38

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 AORUS Xtreme review - Guru3d

R2Strike 02-02-2017 10:28


Originally Posted by R2Strike (Post 519854)

GeForce 378.57 hotfix gets some Pascal cards back up to speed


The GeForce drivers 378.49 may have come out of the oven a little undercooked. Users on the GeForce forums are complaining about a myriad of issues, like broken PhysX on Maxwell cards, crashing Java OpenGL apps, and overclocked Pascal cards stuck at reference speeds thanks to drivers' "debug mode" being stuck on. While there's no fix for the first issue yet, Nvidia has addressed the latter two problems with the latest hotfix driver, numbered 378.57.

According to EVGA technical support agent "MDecker," the debug mode is only available on graphics cards with factory overclocks. Digging a bit deeper, it seems that this mode will lock factory-overclocked cards to reference speeds for troubleshooting purposes. In the 378.49 driver, many Pascal cards incorrectly had debug mode forced on, something that could cause lower-than-expected graphics performance or interfere with overclocking.

The 378.49 release was also causing problems for players of the seminal block-building game Minecraft, thanks to a strange interaction between the driver and Java OpenGL applications. According to this post on the official Minecraft Reddit, the problem appears to lie with the driver's 3D Vision functionality. Users who decided to skip installing the 3D Vision component were spared the trouble.

The 378.57 hotfix driver should fix both of these issues, although a couple of users on the GeForce forums reported that they had to do a "clean install" to properly fix the debug mode problem. Grab the updated driver from Nvidia's customer support site.

war4peace 02-02-2017 11:24

Încă sunt la 376.33 :)

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