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mascotzel 10-04-2014 15:56

rage fuury 10-04-2014 17:29


Originally Posted by mascotzel (Post 360520)

R2Strike 10-04-2014 17:29

Si istoria se repeta, exact ce au facut cu seria GTX 600 fac si cu seria GTX 800. Asta ca trebuie sa apara R9 3xx si TSMC le-a dat voie ?

mascotzel 10-04-2014 18:11

Q3 inseamna septembrie
sa nu zicem nu deocamdata
eu nu-s fanboy :)

rage fuury 10-04-2014 18:37


Originally Posted by mascotzel (Post 360552)
Q3 inseamna septembrie
sa nu zicem nu deocamdata
eu nu-s fanboy :)

Stiu Mascotzel, as recunoaste un fanboy dintr-un milion, don't worry about that :)
Eu am vrut sa spun doar ca dupa mai mult de 2 ani pe 28nm, tot ce avem despre 20nm sunt zvonuri, nimic concret... :D

Jocker 11-04-2014 21:23

Un mic recital @Nvidia in Watch Dogs


DeMons 12-04-2014 02:42

Gigabyte launches WindForce 3X 600W cooler with GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK - Videocardz

R2Strike 16-04-2014 03:17

Nvidia vine cu trei placi video, mai bine zis... trei "placute mititele" :D GT 705, GT 710 si GT 720. Sursa AICI :)

GeForce GT 705

GeForce GT 710

GeForce GT 720

agarici cu pedale 16-04-2014 03:23

Alte strutocamile omg.

Firefox 17-04-2014 08:30

NVIDIA GeForce 337.61 BETA Hotfix

NVIDIA rolled out GeForce R337.61 BETA, which is a hotfix for two glaring issues that came to light with R337.50, which launched earlier this month. To begin with, it fixes an issue faced with Dell's compact 4K Ultra HD monitors, specifically P3214Q and UP2414Q, in which the GeForce GPU would give out "half" or no display (Ultra HD resolution is handled over multiple TMDS links). It also fixes a Code 43 error message after installing driver 337.50 on a PC with Hyper-V enabled. The rest of its feature-set is identical to that of its predecessor.
GeForce 337.61 Beta Hotfix for:
Windows 8/7/Vista 64-bit

Windows 8/7/Vista 32-bit

Firefox 17-04-2014 13:35

GeForce GTX 750 and 750 Ti: ASUS vs. MSI vs. KFA2 - Uk.hardware

R2Strike 17-04-2014 15:02

Eu nu vad pe site-ul celor de la nvidia nici un R337.61 Beta, la sectiunea de beta, de unde l-ai luat ?

Firefox 17-04-2014 15:35

Eu am vazut :) : nvidia.custhelp

ASUS GeForce GTX 760 Striker Platinum review - Cowcotland (fr)

ASUS GeForce GTX 760 Striker Platinum review - OCaholic

ASUS GeForce GTX 760 Striker Platinum review - Guru3d

Firefox 18-04-2014 21:48

GeForce GTX 780 Ti Round Up: EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI Review - Hothardware

stivut 18-04-2014 22:02

Nu merge link-ul:(.

Bugsy004 18-04-2014 22:03

stivut 18-04-2014 22:05

Am gasit, multumesc:)!

Firefox 19-04-2014 02:07

Reparat :)

Jocker 19-04-2014 07:23

Aceleasi speculatii ca si in cazul lui AMD: NVIDIA Maxwell GM204 GPU Spotted In The Wild, Kepler GK210 In Works, fara 20 nm anul asta, in vara s-ar putea sa vedem totusi un GTX 880 sau 870 pe 28 nm.

Firefox 21-04-2014 18:33

KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB Graphics Card Review - eteknix

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