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rage fuury 25-02-2015 12:02


Originally Posted by cristi_io (Post 416587)
Problema e ca ne si scoate ochii, ca doar a pus 4GB nu 3GB, puteau sa puna doar 3GB, dar jocurile viitoare vor folosi mai mult.
Oricum, nici macar nu pomeneste de celelalte probleme, 56 ROP, 1.7MB memorie cache, nu doar problema cu VRAM a creat atata valva.
Omul a pus problema incat aproape ca ne-a facut o favoare ca a pus mai multa memorie.

Nu putea spune mai mult fiindca NVidia sunt dati in judecata exact din aceasta cauza... Ar insemna sa-si bata singuri cuie in talpa.

agarici cu pedale 25-02-2015 15:38

Pe partea de CPU-uri au ramas tot la 28nm si e mega trist... trag de procesul asta de multi ani, la GPU-uri la fel, rebrand peste rebrand si un mic refresh intre ghilimele la highend... totusi daca dau lovitura ar fi fain dar chiar si asa nvidia sigur au cu ce sa iasa in fata... partea proasta e ca la consum rosii sunt praf.

Jocker 25-02-2015 20:48

Lui AMD ii trebuie un GPU cu totul nou, asta inseamna minim 100 milioane de dolari cheltuieli, nu stiu daca sunt dispusi sa renunte la atata din profit, putin peste au scos in ultimii doi ani (adunat).

cristi_io 26-02-2015 12:33

Dupa cum se zvoneste, 390/390x va fi GPU nou, iar 380/380x si ce-o mai apare vor fi rebranduri. Nu ca Nvidia nu rebranduieste in veselie.
Din pacate, pcel mai probabil vor fi tot pe 28nm.

rage fuury 28-02-2015 13:00

GTX 970 working as inteanded?
3 Attachment(s)
Atilla Total War beat the hell out of GTX 970:

..."A special role is played while the GTX 970 with its two-pronged an attached storage. In our benchmark Total War is: Attila the 3.5 GiByte, ie precisely the limit at which it could be critical to the 970 under certain circumstances. And indeed, the GTX 970 behaves striking when compared directly with other similarly powerful graphics cards: When scrolling occurs in our scenario a noticeable micro stuttering on that strikes even when looking at a single locomotive unit: This moves despite ( at least initially) high frame rates are not uniform liquid ahead, but in tiny cracks.
A look at the frametimes shows a very clear picture, apparently could Nvidia drivers for the GTX 970 has not yet been adapted, because the 3.5-GiByte problem shows up on the paper in all its "glory". In practice, the problem is noticeable, however only if one pays close attention to the regularity of the output frame. As extreme as restless as suggested by the frametimes, the image will not affect the game. The drop in performance at the end of the measurement is to be noted, however, already clearly has 970 well-Fi is their slow-tailed 0.5 GiByte part the GTX, which manifests itself in a powerful performance loss. This falls out so strong that it is also in our benchmarks, a second measurement after a first leaves against this break the fps by almost half - already in 1080p without anti-aliasing, mind you. In the frame time comparison, the behavior of the map to better estimate the image in practice, notably not quite as dramatic fails. The problem with collapsing frame rate and memory bucking show all the way GPUs with only 3 GiByte or less memory and GTX 780 Ti or R9 280X break sharply after the first measurement. We have therefore started after each measurement the game from scratch."

planetfun 28-02-2015 16:38

pe langa astea ,merita mentionata si "optimizarea" absolut penibila . sunt exemple cu sli de 980 care abia sar de 20 de fps in full hd . plus sa nu mai zic de "extreme quality" destinat viitoarelor gpu-uri.

DeMons 28-02-2015 21:37


Originally Posted by planetfun (Post 416943)
pe langa astea ,merita mentionata si "optimizarea" absolut penibila . sunt exemple cu sli de 980 care abia sar de 20 de fps in full hd . plus sa nu mai zic de "extreme quality" destinat viitoarelor gpu-uri.

Cică jocul a fost creat pentru următoarea generație de GPU.. Pe scurt.. Asa numesc ei optimizarea proasta? For next gen gpu? Lol..
Vezi total war rome 2 din 11-12 Patch-uri nu îl scoți.
@negaterium yep. Vina mea..

Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk

negaterium 28-02-2015 23:06

"Cică jocul a fost creat pentru următoarea generație de GPU.. "... ai inteles tu gresit. Setarea "extreme quality" e pentru next GPU gen, nu jocul in sine.

Firefox 01-03-2015 16:57

Nvidia now limits overclocking of GeForce GTX 900M with vBIOS - Kitguru

Firefox 03-03-2015 12:26

GeForce 347.71 driver download

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 32-bit

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 64-bit

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 32-bit (Notebook)

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 64-bit (Notebook)

Boggy 03-03-2015 22:07

De ce nu e vizibil prin GeForce Experience?

L.E. Pentru ca e doar un hotfix?

Otman 04-03-2015 11:39



Pe scurt de 5 ani lucreaza pe un streaming box, care vine cu un controler si costa 200$.


"The new Shield is more of a hybrid between a set-top box and a console than a true iteration of each. (At least, when compared to what currently exists on the market.) With the exception of its beefy Tegra X1 processor, which sports a 256-bit Maxwell GPU with 3GB of memory, it largely mimics the specs of other Android set-top boxes: at the back is a MicroSD slot, a Micro USB 2.0 port, two USB Type-A 3.0 ports, gigabit Ethernet port, and HDMI port. Internally, it supports Bluetooth 4.1 and dual-band 801.11ac Wi-Fi connections, and can pump out 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound over HDMI. It also has an IR receiver, which Nvidia specifically noted is compatible with Logitech Harmony remotes."
Cine naiba arunca cu banii pe rahatul ala?

PSS 04-03-2015 22:23

TITAN X cu 12GB... oare cat vram are defapt?

Celmaicorupt 04-03-2015 23:15

Cred ca va fi si gtx 960ti cu 3,5 gb memorie.

cristi_io 05-03-2015 12:50

NVIDIA Unveils the GeForce GTX TITAN-X

Nvidia GeForce Titan X 12GB: What you need to know and expect

Chipicao 05-03-2015 14:18

Iar peste 2-3 luni vor anunta un GTX x80 cu numai 10% mai slab in jocuri dar la jumatate de pret.

agarici cu pedale 06-03-2015 10:46

Nu stiu daca a mai fost postat , DX12 bench... treaba nu e prea roz pentru rosii

Celmaicorupt 06-03-2015 11:27

Witcher 3 free with GeForce GTX 900

ithanium2 06-03-2015 21:05

Heh, saptamanile trecute parca postase cineva un chestionar Nvidia. La ultima intrebare era o sugestie pe care am face-o. Exact asta am sugerat, sa includa bundles si la GPU-urile hi-end mobile :)

Firefox 07-03-2015 21:39

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN-X Pictured Up-close - TPU

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