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Arise 25-07-2013 10:43

Treaba lor ce fac, dar parcă văd că peste 1 an tot în umbra Qualcomm vor fi. :)

spikey2011 25-07-2013 13:14

Mie imi place comparatia cu A6X, lansat la 2 ani diferenta :)) . Pe partea de GPU vor fi mai mult ca sigur in umbra PowerVr.

Jocker 25-07-2013 19:45

Pe 7 august se lanseaza MSI GTX 780 Lightning, cica cu un GPU Reactor in varianta noua, overclock-ul reusit pe el este semnificativ, evident in varianta LN2.

Prin septembrie Asus promite un ROG GTX 770 Poseidon Hybrid.

agarici cu pedale 25-07-2013 20:12

asa da placa, mica cu cu racire pe lichd , sa faca toata seria asa din partea mea :)

Arise 25-07-2013 22:00

La ROG îți dau și pompa la ea?

Jocker 25-07-2013 22:22


Dany90 28-07-2013 11:52

GTX 780 Direct CU II?
Stie cineva daca o sa apara vreodata in romania Asus GTX780 Direct CU II?
Nu am gasito pe nicaieri :(

Firefox 29-07-2013 16:35

2 Attachment(s)
GALAXY Also Launches The GeForce GTX 770 HOF


Galaxy Microsystems, a leading manufacturer of high end NVIDIA graphics cards, announced today the GeForce GTX 770 HOF Edition 2GB, an engineering marvel with unrivalled speeds, brilliant custom white PCB and matching white triple fan cooler. HOF, or Hall of Fame edition cards from Galaxy have overclock optimized designs built with the highest grade components available, and their GPUs are specially selected from the best of the best for the highest factory OC possible.
The Galaxy GTX 770 HOF has the fastest core clock of any GTX 770 in the world, but the in-house designed custom PCB is one of its most impressive attributes. The new design includes a premium digital PWM controller, 8 + 2 phase power supply for more stable current and higher overclock potential, and top grade POSCAP and MLCC capacitors for longer life under heavy load. IR DirectFET MOSFETs offer superior cooling and EMI, high quality shielded inductors maintain cleaner signal and eliminate coil whine, and voltage read points allow hardcore overclockers to monitor their card directly using a their own multimeter.

In order to quietly and sufficiently dissipate heat, a graphics card with record breaking clock speeds needs the most effective cooling possible, and the GTX 770 HOF has exactly that. The triple fan cooler has a grand total of five nickel plated heat pipes to move heat efficiently across the massive surface area of its extended length fan sink with aluminum fins. The Galaxy Force Air Bracket with full length vent ensures as much heat as possible is exhausted from the case to help prevent recirculation and keep ambient temps cool..

gmc 30-07-2013 15:07

M-ar interesa de la mediapunct Gigabyte Geforce GTX 780 3072MB GDDR5 WindForce 3x .
Insa am vazut pe site la gigabyte ca au scos revizia 2.0 care vine cu 2 alim de 8 pini. Nu am gasit nimic comparativ intre cele 2 variante..
Are rost sa astept sa intre in stocuri revizia noua?

KashunatoR 30-07-2013 15:28

eu cred ca nu merita sa astepti avand in vedere ca si revizia 2.0 vine cu acelasi voltaj blocat la 1.21V. toate variantele de 780 existente sunt blocate la acest voltaj. exista sperante doar pentru msi lightning sa te lase sa-l duci mai sus.
in concluzie daca nu te derajeaza deversarea a unei parti din aerul cald de la gpu in carcasa, nu prea ai motive sa mai astepti.

gmc 30-07-2013 17:07

Deversarea aerului cald de la gpu in carcasa nu ma deranjeaza, am airflow bun in P280.
Ma gandeam ca totusi ceva e putred de au scos rev2.0:confused:

KashunatoR 31-07-2013 01:17


Originally Posted by gmc (Post 299403)
Deversarea aerului cald de la gpu in carcasa nu ma deranjeaza, am airflow bun in P280.
Ma gandeam ca totusi ceva e putred de au scos rev2.0:confused:

tot ce e posibil, desi nu cred. eu am vanilla tot de la gigabyte si sunt ultramultumit. pe acelasi site la un pret asemanator ai si evga cu ACS cooler, care zice-se ar fi chiar mai bun decat windforce.

gmc 31-07-2013 09:44

As fi luat si eu vanilie dar nu prea mai e pe stoc, si la pretul ala prefer custom..

Firefox 14-08-2013 23:50

GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 HOF Edition Review

We compared the GALAXY GTX 780 HOF Edition with a standard GeForce GTX 780, and the GeForce GTX TITAN. Both are competition to the HOF, and it was GALAXY’s goal to offer the best performance when compared to both. GALAXY wanted this video card to be the best GTX 780 out there, and also rival the GTX TITAN. GALAXY succeeded in this endevour.
While gaming, we experienced that out-of-the-box the HOF is faster than the reference GeForce GTX 780. It even offered a better gameplay experience. We found that its gameplay experience matched that of the GeForce GTX TITAN in every game. Even then, the HOF performance was a few percent faster than a GTX TITAN! That is amazing for out-of-box performance. This didn’t matter if we had Hyper Boost enabled or not, 1.1GHz delivered a gameplay experience similar to the TITAN.

When we overclocked the HOF, it all got even better. The HOF gave a thorough beat down to the GTX TITAN, and was a lot faster than the reference GTX 780. At 1.3GHz the HOF is right now the fastest GeForce GTX 780 based video card out there. GALAXY more than succeeded in the overclocking department; the HOF is an enthusiast’s dream card.

mascotzel 20-08-2013 13:22

2 Attachment(s)
MSI GeForce GTX780 Lightning pictured

Nu ma pricep eu, da etajul de alimentare pare "p0rn"

Pirat 29-08-2013 13:17

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 790 & Titan Ultra Coming Soon?


The GTX Titan is really much the same as the current Titan being offered, but the Ultra will have all 2880 CUDA cores unlocked, just like its Quadro brother. The current Titan runs off its 2688 CUDA cores, and for reference point the GTX 780 has 2304 CUDA cores enabled. With more available CUDA cores comes the ability to run the cards at higher resolutions or at higher “In Game” settings like more AF/AA that makes the game just look better.

darco_2 01-09-2013 10:27

MSI GTX 780 Lightning 3 GB

performanta in Bf3 este pe cea a lui Titan :)

poparamiro 01-09-2013 10:50

Bine ca au pus pe GTX770 memorii Samsung de 0.28ns, iar pe Galaxy HOF 780 si Lightning 780 Elpida de 0.3ns ==))

Intr-adevar minunat.

KashunatoR 01-09-2013 11:42

au vrut sa puna memorii samsung dar nu exista disponibilitate pentru ele momentan. eu sunt dezamagit oarecum de lightning pentru ca nu ofera nimic in plus pentru racirea conventionala pe aer: acelasi voltaj blocat la 1.21v.

darco_2 01-09-2013 12:23

"The groundbreaking part comes in the card's power management. The card has a 16+4 phase VRM circuit, which when the secondary BIOS is enabled, allows the card to reach some very impressive clock speeds. This is possible because, according to MSI, the secondary BIOS removes the restrictions, allowing the graphics card to reach much higher clock speeds. The primary BIOS does not enable the card's full potential. The card should be an overclocker's godsend."

Nu e chiar blocat la 1,21V

"First of all, voltage increases yield some very nice clock improvements that are almost linear, but NVIDIA's many stop gaps made things much more complicated than on AMD cards. Once we exceeded 1.20 V, we had to increase the card's power limit (maximum is 109%, but a BIOS update promises 112%), which had the card crack 1.25 V repeatedly, going beyond the 109% limit. We were then forced to switch to the LN2 BIOS which ups the power limit yet again. However, 1.30 V triggered NVIDIA's Boost 2.0 technology because the card reached 80°C, which reduced clock speeds to 980 MHz (the base clock). We tried increasing the temperature target, but doing so didn't appear to allow for higher clocks. "

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