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am facut exact asa si merge brici.

Merge instalat ca si update peste win 10. trebuie inlocuit un fisier in iso. dureaza un pic dar pe ecran apare exact ca si un update obisnuit la windows, nimic legat de alt sistem de operare. se restarteaza de 4-5 ori si gata. pastreaza si licenta si tot. La mine secure boot este dezactivat, tpm nu am gasit in bios. nu m-a intrebat absolut nimic.

::You can install or upgrade from Windows 10 on any machine by replacing a certain dll in the sources folder of this download.
the dll is here that needs replacing:
Extract the install files for this iso, goto Windows 11\Sources folder, paste appraiserres.dll from the link above and overwrite the one in the sources folder. Then just go back to Windows 11 folder, and double click setup.exe
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