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User test & review Teste si articole facute de catre voi

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Default Lamptron HM140 review

Lamptron HM140 review

In the last 2 years, additional displays became very popular, especially for those pc enthusiasts that wants to have every info from their hardware into a secondary screen, plus it’s looking quite awesome!
Even myself I am using a Lamptron HM070 since one and a half year.

Now, it’s time for an upgrade and with the courtesy of Lamptron, I received for test the HM140, a 14” additional display.
Like his little brother, the HM140 can be used in the computer case as well externally (externally you can put it horizontally or vertically) and offers all possible information from Aida64 with its full resolution of 3,840 x 1,100 pixels on the 14” IPS display.
I opted to use it horizontally under my monitor, I think this fits me better. However, if my case (Lian Li Dynamic 011 Mini) didn’t had the vertical mount, I would had opted to mount inside the case to cover a 360mm radiator.


Lamptron HM140 comes in a brown box with a picture where you can find a couple of info like producer, model, size of display and batch code. Inside everything is neatly packed in plastic bags. Foam pads are also inserted to protect against bumps or bad handling from courier.
As can be seen in the picture, the box is huge comparing with the box of Lamtron HM070.


Inside the box of the Lamptron HM140, we can find a HDMI to Mini-HDMI and a USB to USB Type-C cable. There is also a USB stick branded Lamptron, which already contains ready-made templates for displaying the data. As well, to mention that now Lamptron products comes with full Aida64 Business Edition and the serial number for it. If you want to install the display inside your system, you will also find a lead-through plate for a slot. There is also a foldable stand for the display if you will mount it horizontally. Another comparison with HM070 which is half of it’s size.


Dimension: 354mm*129mm*14.0mm
Screen Dimension: 346mm*101(screen)
Color Available: Black
DC Input: 5V DC (USB)
Connectors: Mini HDMI, Micro-USB, USB type-C
Resolution: 3840 × 1100(60-75Hz)
Visible Angle: 178º

Visual Inspection

The display of Lamptron HM140 is a 14” IPS display, the housing is made of aluminum, which is painted black and has a brushed finish. The display is very glossy which I find out later that is problematic due to dust issue, the image content is looking very sharp. On the right side of the Lamptron HM140 we find the connections that are the most important for us, a mini HDMI and a USB Type-C for displaying the image, as well another USB Type-C ports for power delivery and a 3.5 mm headphone jack are housed here. The middle USB Type-C port cand be used for both power and video signal.

On the left side of Lamptron HM140 we find two micro-USB ports, a multi-function switch and an on / off button. The two micro-USB ports are used to connect additional devices. The multi-function switch is used to set the volume of the signal output via the audio connection. By pressing the switch, we get to the OSD and can make some settings there. However, I didn’t set anything here, as the display is already well set from the factory.

Now, let’s plug it in and see how it’s looking!


I used a mini-Hdmi for video signal and an USB type-C for power.
The steps for installing and putting it to work were detailed here:
However, I will explain on short:
After installing Aida64 business edition from the usb stick that was provided, open it now.
On the upper left of the program/aplication you will find a tab called “File”, please click on it, then click on “Preferences…”.
Here, on tab “General”, please select “Load AIDA64 at Windows startup and "Close" button minimizes main window to System Tray”.
Now, go where is “SensorPanel” and make the selection, “Show SensePanel and Enable context menu”. Also set the size of the Sensorpanel as the Lamptron HM140 resolution, 3840 × 1100. After, press ok!

It should look like this:

The template is a small demo that I worked for around 2 hours, however on the Usb stick you can find different templates. I found the one from Star Trek very attractive too, as well the one with ROG and Gundam.

The Lamptron HM140 display is currently available in different stores from Europe for ~300€. Very soon, will be available on too!

In conclusion, I really like the Lamtron HM140, the image quality is very good as well the 14” space for info ads. It’s a good build product, for sure an upgrade from the previous HM070 that I had, so thank you Lamtron for this opportunity. The only minus that I can find on this product is the price, however you receive a full bundle for the price!
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Intră pe el un joc full screen de 1920x1080 la care se adaugă extra și bara de la Windows? Adică un joc în Windowed Mode dar fără borderless activat?
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Rezoluția lui este de 3840x1100. Eu îl folosesc strict pt Aida64. Bara de Windows se poate pastra doar pe display-ul principal.
In mod normal ar trebui sa poată face resize la fullHd
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